Welcome to Helderberg Quilt Barn Trail (HQBT)

The Helderberg Quilt Barn Trail is a route visitors can follow through the Helderberg Hilltowns to see Barn Quilts on the sides of barns, stores, garages... anywhere they can be hung. The Hilltowns consist of the towns of Berne, Knox, Rensselaerville, and Westerlo along the western edge of Albany County in upstate New York.

Right now, the trail is very short - but growing steadily. However, Schoharie county just next door has a fantastic trail and is an easy drive from the Hilltowns. Learn more about the Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail at https://www.facebook.com/schohariecounty.quiltbarntrail?directed_target_id=0

Click HERE for hints about constructing a barn quilt and a price list for finished barns quilts.

Click HERE for sample barn quilt patterns.

Click HERE for PDF files of graph paper used for designing barn quilts.

Site No. NameAddressHistoryPicture
1Phoebe's Spools

Jane McLean designed this quilt square as a logo for PinchPenny Threads, her home-based sewing business inspired by Phoebe Beebe. Block is 6x6 feet.
66 Beebe Road
(County Route 259)

Knox, NY
North side of garage.
Beebe Farm dates back to the 1830s. First leased by the Van Auken family from the Van Rensselaer Patroon, the 120 acre farm passed through several hands before Charlie and Ina Beebe bought it in 1914. Charlie sold the land in his old age and it was subdivided into 11 lots. The farm house is now owned by John Elberfeld and Jane McLean.
2Energy in Motion

This block was named by Harold Albright, who helped mount it. Jane McLean used the traditional Churn Dash design as a tribute to Mrs. Ina Beebe, who was well known for her homemade butter. Block is 4x4 feet.
66 Beebe Road
(County Route 259)

Knox, NY
Front of garage.
Beebe Farm is the first location for barn quilt squares on the Helderberg Quilt Barn Trail (HQBT). Jane McLean and John Elberfeld are creating a variety of designs and sizes to inspire Hilltown residents to create their own barn quilts. With no barn available, they had to make squares smaller than the standard 8x8 foot design.
3Barn Quilt Sampler

This block was created from left-over sign board. The three patterns were chosen to show a variety of block styles (Star, rectangles, and pin wheels) that look good in a barn quilt. Block is 2x6 feet.
66 Beebe Road
(County Route 259)

Knox, NY
Side yard (south)
This block proves that quilt enthusiasts WITHOUT a barn or garage near the road can still participate in the HQBT. It is held up by pressure treated 2x4s. Two 8 foot pieces are overlapped about 4 feet to make a post 12 feet long with 3 feet buried in the ground. The barn quilt is held in place by heavy right-angle pieces 2 feet long at the top and bottom.


A 6' x 6' block created by John Elberfeld for Mr. and Mrs. Reed Settle.
110 Knox Gallupville Road (County Route 255)
Knox, NY

Side of barn toward road.
The barn quilt adds a bright splash of color to an older barn in Knox.
5Michael Graves Inspiration
A 5' x 3' quilt based on a design by architect Michael Graves created by Bill Keal & John Elberfeld.
1780 Helderberg Trail (State Route 443)
Berne, NY 12023-2709

Above the garage door to the left of the house.
The waves were the greatest challenge in the barn quilt. The center square is a separate piece of wood.
6Wilma Lee
An 8' x 8' quilt designed and painted by Wilma Lee of Knox, NY.
297 Beebe Rd (County Road 259)
Delanson (Knox), NY

On the north side of the red barn beside the house.

7Quilt For Ewe
An 4' x 4' quilt designed and painted by the daughter of Kris Zimmer
47 Zeh Road

East Berne (Knox), NY
On the red barn at the end of a dead end road.

8Nature Center
a double sided 2' x 6' quilt designed by Jane McLean and John Elberfeld. The individual designs are based on traditional quilt blocks. Painted by John Elberfeld
Emma Treadwell Thacher Nature Center
87 Nature Center Way
Voorheesville (Knox), NY 12186

Final location not yet determined.
Fox and Geese: Do you see the big red fox and the gray Canada geese? In the winter, children at School #5 played a game of tag called Fox and Geese in the snow.

Green Maple Leaf: This is the symbol for NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation. At the Nature Center, we welcome the new green growth of spring.

Snail's Trail: Take a walk on a nature trail through field or forest. Can you find a snail or other invertebrate animal (without a vertebral column)?

Pine Tree: How many kinds of trees can you identify at the Center? The stars remind us to keep looking up.

Red Maple Leaf: In fall, the leaves change color, and migrating birds stop at Thompson's Lake on their journey south.

Wood Lily: The Nature Center abounds with native wildflowers in summer. Did you visit the wildflower garden?

9Knox Histroical Society
a double sided 2' x 6' quilt designed by Jane McLean and John Elberfeld. The individual designs are based on traditional quilt blocks. Painted by John Elberfeld
Knox Historical Society
Saddlemire Homestead
2190 Berne-Altamont Road, (Route 156),
Tin Horn: Symbol of the Anti-Rent Wars fought in the Helderbergs to end the patroon system of land ownership. The Patriots' Room in the museum has a tin horn on display

Knox Cave Stairway: From 1930s-50s, Knox Cave, with its roller skating rink, was a major attraction and employed many local teenagers. The Knox Cave Room in the museum has photos and artifacts from the cave.

Corn and Beans: Agriculture remains an important part of life in Knox. The museum has many antique farm tools on display.

Log Cabin: Early settlers use local timber to build their first log cabin homes. The museum has several genealogies and stories of early settlers.

Pill Box: Knox is the "Pill Box Capital of the World". Factories all around Knox made millions of small wooden boxes and sent them to New York City.

Bear Paw: The museum has the skin of a bear shot in Knox. Pictures and newspaper articles on display describe the event in detail.

Off the HQBT but worth visiting!
OT 1Spools
A 3' x 3' quilt based on a design by Jane McLean, painted by John Elberfeld.
Black Sheep Antiques
7608 Western Turnpike
Duanesburg, NY 12056
OT 2Country Farm
A 4' x 4' barn quilt at Wunsapana Farm in Guilderland. Painted by Liz Argotsinger
Wunsapana Farm
4557 Hurst Road
Altamont, NY 12009
OT 3Schoharie Wheat Basket
An 8' x 8' barn quilt at the Olde Corner Store in Gallupville, NY. Designed by Jane McLean and painted by John Elberfeld
Gallupville Corner Store
Factory Street
Gallupville, NY
On the back side of the store visible coming from Schoharie into Gallupville.
OT 4Liberty Farm Barn
An 6' x 6' barn quilt at Liberty Farm, NH. Designed by Sheila Nichols, Jane's sister in law, and painted by John Elberfeld
William and Sheila Nichols
50 Liberty Farm Road
Antrim, NH

On the front of the barn - visible from the road.
For more information about the Helderberg Quilt Barn Trail (HQBT), contact Jane McLean at JBMcLean@aol.com or 518 872-2082. She is looking for members to serve on a steering committee to help establish a Quilt Barn Trail in the Hilltowns. The committee welcomes people with an interest in quilting, carpentry, public relations, grant writing, rural architecture, painting, and the future of the Hilltowns.

Jane McLean
66 Beebe Road
Berne, NY 12023